dimanche 17 octobre 2010

Add Context to Priority Inbox

No matter how often we may have heard pundits profess the death of Email, the truth is that workforces increasingly interact via Email and there’s an enormous demand for clarity & insight. There are a growing number of studies demonstrating the human cost of Email and digital devices. For example, 30% of office workers suffer from Email stress and incessant information bombardment appears to decrease one’s ability to make memories, even one’s IQ.

This can’t be good for people, can’t be good for business or for the society at large. Email is crucial to communication and yet there’s very little innovation outside spam reduction, i.e. Messages continue to accumulate inside Inboxes in the order they arrive without any self-aware notions of time, people, or importance. Imagine if everyday conversations were this senseless.

Shouldn’t Emails shake, for example, as soon as a Meeting’s been cancelled at the last-minute? What if Emails were self-aware, understood their relative importance to you, and made themselves noticed at the right time? Emails with consciousness would reach us whether or not we were using Email in the moment, help us avoid traversing the entire city before discovering the sudden cancellation, and might even discourage the development of harmful reflexes such of compulsively scanning one’s Inbox for insight.

Well, Google released Priority Inbox a wonderful improvement to Gmail which offers you a clean Inbox view without having to configure complex rules yourself. Used in conjunction with KwagaContext (and the upcoming KwagaMobile) you'll have Emails that know that they’ve been forgotten, or should appear just before your flight to Guangzhou, or that it’s an urgent matter!

Kwaga takes ordinary Email and makes it smarter for business users.

Our in-house natural language processing (NLP) technology detects urgency, requests for action, deadlines, open-issues, meeting proposals & cancellations, and contact details. All of the semantic complexity is beautifully hidden behind interface controls that provide the business user context and actions. For example, you’ll be able to add to your contact manager the details, automatically detected & extracted from inside the Email text, in just a single-click and avoid repetitive & tedious data-entry.

Available from the Google Apps Marketplace, KwagaContext, our cloud-based solution is available for testing in virtually a single click and is a perfect complement to Google's Priority Inbox.

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